“Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Day” for students
5 December 2012.

The Embassy of Sweden, the Swedish Trade Council in Budapest and six leading Swedish companies in Hungary organized a “Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Day” for students, interested in the latest developments, innovations.

5 December, 2012

“Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Day” for students – 5th December 2012.

The purpose of the Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Day for Students is to introduce Sweden and innovative solutions of leading Swedish companies for students who are interested in this field.




Inauguration of Lánchíd Park – 19 October 2012

The objective of the Green City movement was to reconnect settlements with the ecosystem, i.e. to establish more liveable and sustainable cities by means of the integrated and interdisciplinary development of green surfaces. The design and construction of the park is based on the above described principles, and we paid special attention to the conservation of ecocycles (water- and nutrition cycles, plant systems), to the use of sustainable materials, to human and social requirements and to minimizing energy input and use. The structure of the park offers a solution for pedestrian traffic and encourages crossing the site. The formation of the pavements highlights sights and visual connections, thus opening up the Danube panorama and accentuating the architectural treasures of the neighbourhood. The constructors of the park leave a visual footprint without wishing to compete with the historical environment. With its simple modern forms and appropriate choice of materials, the park is a manifestation of green city principles, sustainability and an environmentally conscious urban lifestyle.

19 October, 2012

Inauguration of Lánchíd Park

As part of the Green Sweden/SymbioCity 2012 program, an environmentally sustainable revitalization project has been carried out in the park on the Buda side of the Chain Bridge (Lánchíd) by the Swedish partnership, and with the support of the Municipality of Budapest. Lánchíd Park is the first Hungarian public park with a Green City accreditation.




Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Forum
4 October 2012

The participants of the Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Forum confirmed that innovation could be one of the breakout points for Europe and European economies. Government officials in Sweden and in Hungary are working to establish R&D&I strategies. Special attention will be paid to growing start-up companies with substantial R&D activities, supporting knowledge-intensive developments and to the establishment of a legal environment, which promotes innovation and provides access to finance. Innovation activities provide companies with new business opportunities and promote the creation of more employment opportunities as well as the reduction of social inequalities. It is becoming increasingly clear that the reinforcement of economic competitiveness can only be managed by strengthening the education of coming generations. Education and R&D are closely connected in a knowledge-based society. Both play a central role in the establishment of an environment that promotes innovation, effectively aiding national economies. Europe is becoming more competitive with the help of adequate state involvement and a regulatory background.

4 October, 2012

Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Forum - 4 October 2012

The aim of the event was to promote an exchange of ideas and practices between decision makers and experts from the public and private sectors of Sweden and Hungary. At the Forum there were panel discussions on the following topics: how to develop an attractive investment environment for innovation and R&D; the role of high growth potential start-ups; how innovation serves everyday life and the role of education in R&D.



Bence Marosi - SkypeÁdám Jenei - Matches and BallbearingBálint Réger - Matches and Hungarian pipeGábor Metzner-The Parliament and Tetra PakLászló Fodor-IKEA and Gellért hegyViktória Vincze-Safety matches

“Swedish innovations in Hungary” - photo contest 
4th October 2012.

Within the framework of the Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Days 2012, the Embassy of Sweden in Budapest, The Swedish Trade Council in Budapest and Swedish companies in Hungary announced a photo contest with the theme “Swedish innovations in Hungary”, for university students participating in a technical or natural science education program. The photo contest was announced in four universities, in Budapest and the countryside. The organizers distributed flyers, as well as they made an announcement in Metropol (Metro in Sweden) newspaper. The aim was to make a creative photo of a Swedish innovation found Hungary. The winners were selected by the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish sponsor companies, based on creativity. The three best photos were exhibited on the Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Day event, were the winners also received their prizes. First prize was a trip to Sweden for two persons, with a visit to the headquarters of Sigma Kudos in Göteborg and Electrolux and Ericsson in Stockholm. The winner, Bence Marosi was studying at Budapest University of Technology and Economics on the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Photographing is his hobby. Bálint Réger joined Bence on his trip to Sweden. Bálint was studying civil engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as well. He also applied with a great photo, but was not ranked among the top 3 on the contest.The two students participated on the Swedish-Hungarian Innovation Day, where they had opportunity to meet representatives of Electrolux, Ericsson and Sigma Kudos, as well as listen to presentations about the development activities of these companies. A visit to the headquarters of the companies gave Bence and Bálint a deeper knowledge about leading Swedish companies and their innovations.

4 October, 2012

“Swedish innovations in Hungary” - photo contest

A photo contest with the theme “Swedish innovations in Hungary”, for university students participating in a technical or natural science education program. First prize was a trip to Sweden for two persons, with a visit to the headquarters of Sigma Kudos in Göteborg and Electrolux and Ericsson in Stockholm.




SymbioCity Conference
25 April 2012.

SymbioCity is a Swedish concept for sustainable urban development and construction. The concept emphasizes the synergies and symbioses that exist between the various supply systems in a modern city, and which simultaneously provides both environmental and economic benefits. The SymbioCity project receives strong support from the Swedish Government, indicated by the fact that Sweden was represented by Eva Walder, Sweden's Director General for Trade at the press conference and at the opening of the conference this year. The Hungarian government was represented at the event by Dr. Zoltán Illés, State Secretary for Environmental Affairs and the Municipality of Budapest by Gábor Bagdy, Vice-Mayor of Budapest. This year we highlighted four areas of SymbioCity: we presented Swedish and Hungarian ideas and examples of how to decrease the energy consumption of cities; how information technology contributes to sustainable development; what the principles are of environmentally conscious landscape architecture; and how to plan, build and equip buildings and factories. The topics were discussed at panel discussions and through case studies by Swedish and Hungarian experts. Throughout the conference, the dialogue and collaboration between public and private actors played a major role, which is an essential factor for any country to progress in sustainable development. 

25 April, 2012

SymbioCity Conference - 25 April 2012.

At a conference titled “SymbioCity” we will use case studies to analyse the four dimensions of the sustainable city (energy, information and communication, landscape planning and green building inside/outside) at panel discussions.