„Ökosodj!” campaign supporting environmental education
December 2011. 

With the help of this brochure we drew student’s attention to the fact that already at this age they have an important role in environment protection. We showed them how to behave always in a little bit more environmental friendlier way – in every fields of life (at school, at home, in their free time). The mutual aim of the members of Green Sweden Program and the Association for Environmental Education who provided the professional guidance was to enable teachers to make natural science lectures more interesting and practical. In 2011, 60 000 brochures were distributed countrywide to schools.  In 2012 the popular brochure was reprinted in 75 000 copies, to reach an even wider audience of younger generations.

December, 2011

„Ökosodj!” campaign supporting environmental education – December 2011.

The brochure titled „Ökosodj!” was a tool to familiarize children between the age of 10-18 with different practical methods how they can become more environmentally aware in their everyday life.




Hungary’s first eco-playground on Margitsziget 22 September 2011

In Sweden, children learn to love and protect their environment at a very early age. Environmental awareness is presented to them not only at home and in school, but also through playing, at the playgrounds. We wanted to follow this example also in Hungary, therefore the participants of the Green Sweden program decided to initiate the building of Hungary’s first eco-playground. The ecological approach is present in the playground on several levels: One of the important characteristics is the use of educating toys, equipment. Apart from the special toys and their educating nature, the playground is ecological also due to the materials utilised. The “ecological playground equipment” are also aimed at improving coordination, combination and the sense of equilibrium, using complex playing movements that imitate natural movements. Hungary’s first eco-playground was built with the help of Embassy of Sweden in Budapest, the Swedish Trade Council, seven Swedish companies in Hungary (Electrolux, Ericsson Magyarország, HAGS, Kinnarps,  Metropol,  Skanska, SAAB), the Municipality of Budapest and Főkert Nonprofit Zrt. The Green City Council and the Hungarian Society for Environmental Education provided professional support.

22 September, 2011

Hungary’s first eco-playground on Margitsziget - 22nd of September 2011.

On the 22nd of September 2011 as the second step of the Green Sweden 2011 series of programmes Hungary’s first eco-playground, built on the basis of the Green City principles was opened.




“Sustainability Through Swedish Eyes” Conference
9th June 2011

Following the success of the conference “Stockholm / Budapest Green Capital” held in October 2010 the Swedish Embassy in Budapest, the Swedish Trade Council and seven Swedish companies decided to go on and turn this initiative into a series of programmes. On the conference of the Green Sweden Program that was established with the main partnership of Electrolux, Ericsson and HAGS renowned Swedish and Hungarian experts presented particular examples in the areas of green urban living, green communications, and green construction. At the press conference held as a part of the conference the partners of the event also emphasised the priority role environmental protection plays at Swedish companies. Other partners of the Green Sweden Program are the following Swedish companies: Kinnarps, Metropol, Skanska and SAAB.

9 June, 2011

“Sustainability Through Swedish Eyes” Conference - 9th June 2011.

The objective of the conference is to spread and strengthen the “green approach” in Hungary. An important message of this exemplary collaboration of the public and the private sector is that being green does not necessarily costs more, however, everyone feels better in a "green world".